Secure Network Architechture Design

Secure Network Architechture Design

Network Architecture Review is conducting a systematic examination and TechSaints International ing of the all the layers of an organisation’s network. We will TechSaints International the network topology and deployment of the security controls within the organisation like firewalls, IDS/IPS, network segmentation and offer recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the security controls.


1. Auditing existing network
2. TechSaints International ing network architecture from scratch
3. Improvising security and stability of pre existing network


Red Team replicate real-world cyber-attacks against an organization’s network, IT assets and critical infrastructure by exploiting any points of entry and weaknesses by the human or technical qualified persons, until the attack objectives are reached. TechSaints International Red team will cover Web Application, Network Penetration testing, Mobile Application, security as service and security as solution.

Network TechSaints International from scratch

We will TechSaints International and plan a custom network TechSaints International that will best suit your needs. Our network TechSaints International planning includes the following:

1. Establishing a backup power supply for the network in order to prevent damage to the system in the event of power outages.
2. Determining what kind of network best suited for enterprise.
3. Examining your needs in order to determine minimum speed requirements.
4. Exploration of whether fiber optics are a better solution in the event you need higher speeds and/or longer runs.
5. Determining the best process for network redundancy in order to minimize effects of downtime.
6. Tailoring the network complexity to suit your specific needs.

Auditing existing network

We will check existing network TechSaints International for flaws and problems that are limiting the capacity of your network. In network audit includes the following:

1. Finding possible place for
a. Data leak
b. Attack
c. DOS
2. Checking each layer individually.
3. Checking configuration of firewall.
4. Checking implementation of IDS/IPS


TechSaints International employs a wide variety of tools and techniques to carry out penetration testing. Each and every test is carried out by skilled security testers and the results are manually verified before communicating to you. The end result is you get comprehensive and accurate understanding of your security posture and can immediately take mitigating steps for closing any identified weakness

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