Website Pen Testing Testing

Website Pen Testing

Websites represents your business digital identity in today’s information era. They give a face and define your ideology to the world and they are prime target of any hacker these day from a newbie to expert every one try to attack a website for several reasons.

You get one chance to make a first impression, and your website is sometimes your only chance. If a customer visits your website and finds that it has been flagged as potentially harmful, the impression has been made and that customer may never return.

We offer comprehensive website penetration testing services involves a highly complex website security testing procedure that will identify and attempt to exploit known and unknown weaknesses that hidden within your website.

We conduct all website security tests to the highest standard and follows one of the complete and most followed the OWASP website penetration testing framework and guidelines.


Here at TechSaints International we try to give best of both world, so we use both automated and manual tests to ensure all vulnerabilities can be identified before any hacker can take advantage


We use best in class tool for testing your web site for known vulnerabilities. While using Automated tools we also make sure we do not take down your website or DOS it.


We test all vulnerabilities listed in automated scan to remove false positive. All automated tools have limitation so we test manually to make sure no stone left unturned.


Information gathering
Post Exploitation
Information analysis


1. Security Lock
2. We will provide 2 reports for every scan performed.

Detailed Report – This is a technical report after completion of the pen test. The report will highlight the weaknesses in the Web Application that affect the availability, reliability and integrity of information assets. It will also provide the solutions for covering each identified risk. This report will contain the following:

Categorization of weaknesses based on risk level
Details of security holes discovered
Emergency quick-fix solution for discovered vulnerabilities

Executive Report – It gives the bird eye view for the complete assessment done which contains overall details of the identified vulnerabilities, operational impact of each vulnerability, potential financial impact along with the criticality of the identified gap. It also gives suggested priorities for the patch work.


TechSaints International employs a wide variety of tools and techniques to carry out penetration testing. Each and every test is carried out by skilled security testers and the results are manually verified before communicating to you. The end result is you get comprehensive and accurate understanding of your security posture and can immediately take mitigating steps for closing any identified weakness.

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