Our Portfolio

Hamdard Roohafza Fusion

Brand: Hamdard Roohafza Fusion

Client: Wishmakers
Hamdard Roohafza Fusion launch activity data capture via Android Tablet App and Web Reporting.

Honda Cars

Brand: Honda Cars

Client: Time Code Events
Interactive Buzzer System with Digital Virtual Avatars for a Quiz Competition Hosted by Honda Cars.


Brand: Coco-Cola

Client: Hattrick IMC
Multiple Experiential Marketing Technology Installations at HCCB Coca-Cola Experience Centre in Bangaluru.

Global Leadership Foundation

Brand: Global Leadership Foundation

Client: STORY Experiences
Branded Photo Booth Kiosk Engagement + Twitter Live #Hashtag Tweet Wall Setup for GLF in Delhi.


Brand: HCL

Client: Story Experiences
Pedal to Digital (Phygital) Interactive Competition - In Action @ HCL Technology - Achievers League 2019.


Brand: Volini

Client: XMP India
Branded Photo Booth Engagement for Volini - Muscle Pain Spray during a Sports Event in Mumbai.

Ace Cricket Academy

Brand: Ace Cricket Academy

Client: Ace Cricket Academy
RFID enabled Web Application Software System to manage Ace Cricket Academy Student Fees & Stock.


Brand: Wrigley's

Client: Edelman Digital
Multi-city launch of Wrigleys Double Mint using Magic Mirror + Augmented Reality and Vending Machine.


Brand: Cavanders

Client: FCB ULKA
Wall Clock and Guitar Shaped Storage Rack - Retail Display Physical Samples for Cavanders Cigrates.

#ForHer (IP

Brand: #ForHer (IP)

Client: Innobuz Marketing Solutions
QR Code 3D Scanning Setup for checking authentic Pre-registered and Walk-in Guests in "#ForHer" Event.


Brand: Coco-Cola

Client: Momentum Worldwide
Mutiple Interactive Technology Enagagements for Coco-Cola Event in New Delhi.


Brand: Nestle India

Client: Vibgyor Brand Services.
Research, Sourcing & Fabrication of Nestle NAN Testing Kit which checks presense of Iron in Baby Milk Powder.

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