Why TechSaints?

TechSaints is a Young And Ambitious - Experiential Marketing Technology Engineering Company focused on Research & Product Development, Technical University Participation, Technology Customizations and Global Technology Distribution. We are ahead of our competitors by atleast 5 Years. Would you like to lead from the front?


TechSaints is an equal opportunity employer. We provide you with all tools and nuturing environment to get the best out from you. We work in areas where majority of IT Companies would shy away from. You get to work on new technologies and formats on regular basis. To work with TechSaints is all about challenging your capabilities each new morning. Souls who get to work with us will be rewriting history .. and that's a promise.

Skills & Experiences

TechSaints is always searching for technical and creative souls who can connect ideas, dreams, wishes, wants, art, culture and business with technology.

We are open for researchers, analysts, conceptualizers, designers, developers, animators, testers, digital promoters, pr executives, business developers, marketeers and moresoever harcore dreamers and achievers.

Our current technology playground is but not limited to RFID, NFC, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Embedded Systems, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Social Media Apps, Mobile Apps, Digital Media Marketing, Video Games, Proximity Marketing, Geo Fencing, QR Code, Hand Gesture Technology, Surface Touch Technology, IT Consulting, ECommerce Solutions, Software & Websites..

You would be heard more if you can bring to table what we currently do not have as a service / product / solution..

Submit Your Resume

Send in your valued updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) to for further evaluation and feedback. Kindly mention if you wish work to fulltime onsite/remotely or on freelance basis.

On second thoughts if you have questions before you decide to apply, you can write for clarificarions to .

Warning! Do not apply if you are addicted to Smoking / Drugs / Alcohol / Substance Abuse. We also have zero tolerance policy towards any kind of mental or physical harrasment
Once you start a working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest.
- Chanakya , Indian Teacher, Philosopher, Economist, Jurist and Royal Advisor