Rohit Gupta

Co-founder & Director

Researcher & Book Lover. IT Savvy. Entrepreneur. I always look at tools & solutions around the identified pain areas. My profile doesn't talk much ... but there is zillion more than what meet the eyes. I believe in positiveness, simplicity, truth, bondness of life.

Worked with clients in the following industries:

Solar Power, Kitchen Appliances, Modular Furniture, Furniture, Real Estate, MICE, Advertising, NGO, Steel Cutlery, Information Technology, Education, Logistics, Courier, Art & Handicrafts, Steel Coil, Retreaded Tyre, Travel & Tours, Hospitality, Medical Instruments, Gifting, FMCG, Office Automation, Office & School Stationery, Pharmaceutical, Digital Media, Rental Vacation, Magazine ,Media Houses, Non Profit Societies, Ophthalmic, Radio Cabs, Recruitment & Headhunting, Luxury Goods.

Specialties: Business Processes Study, Assessment & Re-engineering. Business Planning, Business Development. Sales. Marketing. IT Web & Software Services. Digital Media Marketing, Project Management. Mentoring. Research & Consultancy, Customer Support, Client Servicing, Product & Service Buy & Sell. | +91 9999096625

Faith is of no avail in absence of strength. Faith and strength, both are essential to accomplish any great work.
- Vallabhbhai Patel , Indian Politician
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel