Paddle to Race

Cycle Pedal to Digital (Phygital) - In Action @ HCL Technology - Achievers League 2019

TechSaints International Pvt. Ltd., deployed Cycle Pedal to Digital (Phygital) at the following HCL Technologies campus across India:

  • 1. Noida, India -30th Jan 2019
  • 2. Bengaluru, India - 4th Feb 2019
  • 3. Chennai, India - 6th Feb 2019.

It was used by more than 1500 HCL Employees across the mentioned campuses.

Cycle Pedal to Digital (Phygital) is an IOT Product, a combination of hardware, electronics engineering, embedded system and computer software wherein players riding two separate Gym Bicycles will compete with each other to reach maximum score withing the given stipulated time.

Paddle to Race

Gym cycle RPM data is transferred via offline WiFi on computer socket for real-time capturing interpretation and display.

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