Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, popularly known as AI & ML is a Trans-disciple domain where technology that has the capability to imitate human like behaviour and learn from past experiences, to reason, discover meanings, plan and to solve problems are built to solve real-life problems and complex situations.

Robotic process Automation, is a concept where robots can perform tasks that are difficult for regular human beings to perform. This includes, self-driving cars, speech recognition, expert systems and etc., all of these comes under Artificial Intelligence.

AI or Artificial Intelligence has the potential to widely change the way that humans interact among each other as well as with the digital world with the help of their work and other socioeconomic institutions.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Machine Learning or ML is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that is used for the learning from data, interacting with the environment and improvising without being explicitly programmed. The learning process begins with observation or data, for example, instructions or direct experience, in order to look for a pattern in data and make a better decision in the future on the basis of the examples that were provided earlier. The primary aim is to allow the computers automatically learn without any intervention or assistance and make actions accordingly.

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The possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence are endless, it is being used in almost every field. Expert systems, machine vision, speech & image recognition, algorithmic trading, data mining and market & predictive analysis, medical diagnosis, electronic trading platforms, robot control & sensing, natural language processing and many more applications of Artificial Intelligence. It can be used in the multiple fields like medicine, aviation, military, education, marketing, agriculture, space, finance, e-commerce, transportation and telecommunication. Artificial Intelligence is also being used to solve some of the biggest economical and social challenges of the world, with the goal of using Artificial Intelligence to address socially relevant problems.

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